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FADEHEF Implements Sickle Cell Project

With support funding from Sickkids Canada from March 2022 to February 2023 to FAHEDEF

We designed a multicomponent community-based project in five villages in Mfou health district (Nkolanga, Mekoumba/Nkongoa, Nkassomo, Nkilzok, Mfou), and obtained ethical approval from the National Ethics committee and relevant administrative approvals from the regional delegation of public health and village heads prior to project implementation. The key components of this pilot project included the following:

200 Health care workers trained in Mfou district on diagnosis, clinical manifestation, Laboratory Investigation required, community management of Sickle Cell Disease, complications and referral of patients

15 Community health care workers trained to do sensitisation in schools, community sensitisation, home visits to identify children suspected to live with SCD, or diagnosed with

SCD and lost to follow up, offer necessary health education and refer for continuity of care in partner health facilities and to share folic acid and visit sickle cell patients teaching them basic care

26 Primary and Nursery schools from five villages in Mfou was visited to carry out to raise awareness on sickle cell disease and reduce stigma towards those living with this condition, during which some teachers were trained to take care of SCD children in their class

Over 5000 reached through sensitisation in markets and in the community 50 patients were visited at home and Folic Acid shared

6 Monthly Family Support sessions were held in Mfou district hospital with children,

adolescents living with SCD and their caregivers to educate them on SCD basics, crisis prevention, home management of mild to moderate crises, adequate nutrtion, importance of hydration and support was offered to the family as needed meetings

Implementation of this intervention was coupled with collection of qualitative and quantitative data to understand the barriers and facilitators of optimal SCD care in these rural communities from multiple perspectives and evaluate existing interventions, including the current pilot. Data was collected pre-and post- training of HCWs and CHWs to assess their SCD knowledge

A protocol for research on Optimizing primary health care approaches to Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in the community: a pilot project in rural Cameroon was written and Ethical Clearance obtained.

v  3 Focus group discussions held with parents, adolescents and health care worker 10 Indepth interview

v  130 ODK questionnaires collected form health care workers

v  125 questionnaire on Knowledge attitude and practice of Health Care workers 50 questionnaires from patients on management

Till today, Folic acid is still being shared to the patients in these communities

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