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US Ambassador provides Self-Help Grant to FAHEDEF, Cameroon

Improving Rural Women Financial Autonomy Through Empowerment on Transformation of Agricultural Products, and Training on Book Keeping.

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help grant to FAHEDEF for the construction of a grinding house, and purchase of food processor machine, grinding mills (wet and dry) training of women in book keeping, and market dynamics.

There’s urgent need to increase opportunities for women and youths as this will foster peace and development.

According to UN Women Gender analysis of labour market, 80% of women are unemployed or underemployed in Cameroon, and most of them work in informal businesses, with difficult access to credit and capital due to some intentional and unintentional obstacles put in place that prevent them from making wealth and grow the countries economy.

Women’s autonomy usher better education for their kids, nutrition and leads to development.

When women are given the opportunity to increase financial control it has a positive outcome for their families, and thereby improve development in reducing poverty.

Financial autonomy and economic empowerment can increase the livelihoods of women and the well-being of their families with huge impacts especially when women are direct recipients and have access to the services at all times.

Training on book keeping also helped the women to make a difference in purchase, production, sales and savings.

18 women and young girls trained on book keeping

Over 15 families benefitted from food transformation experience. We have also trained some women and girls to transform cassava, maize, plantain and make pastries with local flour.

The funding from US Embassy on Constructing a grinding house and grinding mills (Wet and dry) has met the following SDGs

SDG 1: No Poverty; Empowering women and training them in transforming agricultural products and training in book keeping will increase their financial income, family livelihood and development

SDG 2: Zero Hunger; With the financial income gotten from empowerment, women can provide food for their families. We also share some of the flour transformed with the vulnerable in the community and provide feeding for the children

SDG 3: Good Health and well-being; With a better financial income, these women can afford hospital care. Mental and Emotional stress of women is alleviated when they are empowered and given the opportunity to benefit directly from financial increase with a positive impact on family welfare.

The grinding house also serves as a meeting ground during our events in the community and a place for trainings.

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