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FAHEDEF supports School-aged Children in Nkolanga’a Community with Meals

FAHEDEF supports Nkolanga’a Community to ensure that school-aged children have access to meals and are healthy and ready to learn

Education is a human right for all throughout life, and access to education must be matched by quality.

Poor nutrition has been liked to poor performance at school and poor attendance due to ill health causing regular absence.

Good meals promote good health, that allow the children to learn and perform better at school thereby broadening their educational opportunities

According to the World Food Programme (WFP)

Every day, millions of children around the world go to school on an empty stomach – hunger affects their concentration and ability to learn. There are also millions of children – particularly girls – who simply do not go to school because their families need them to help in the fields or perform domestic duties. In conflict-affected countries, children are twice as likely to be out of school than their peers in stable countries – 2.5 times more likely in the case of girls.

In Nkolanga the children we paid fees are able to go to school, most are Central African Refugees.

FAHEDEF through Sibling Keeper has been providing meals since November 2023. Fahedef meal programme help address many of these challenges. This multisectoral game changer has improved children’s education, health and nutrition. We support the children in community by providing an important safety net, and by strengthening food systems and economies.

FAHEDEF helps influence the quality of life, access to education and nutritional status of more than 35 children and provide food stuffs for the families.

With the Help of Danielle Causer and Family and Nurses Out Where; we bought back to school items for over 35 children in both Primary and secondary schools. Most children who could not be regular in school last year had all exercise books, pens, pencils, ruler, drawing bools, eraser, sharpener to keep them in school.

Danielle also contributed in the end of year celebration to the children. She has also provided the centre with a table tennis board, rackets and balls which is a real time of play with the children.

Sibbling Keeper through LaToya Samuel came in to pay fees for 20 children and has paid exam fees this has permitted children that has been out of school through out the school year 2022-2023 to stay in school this year 2023-2024.

Impact: Most children who were irregular in school last year are able to stay in school this year, less feeding challenges and needs.

We look forward to helping those who can still not read and tell a story to be able to read through our after-school education “Read and Tell story”.

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